Poetry (pre-2014)

- 1 min
22/12/13 - leaf
He sat there
Gazing at the tree he knew so well
From its base it grew
Until the stalk began to split
Like muddy rivers the bark flowed upwards
He followed a branch until it became a blur
And at the end clung a leave
Unique and filled with holes
Worn by the wind
Scorched by the sun
Yet it held on
Until at last it fell beckoned by fall
Carried by a zephyr
Carefully guided by the boy’s watchful eyes,
The leaf came to rest in his lap
The infinite colors bled through his clothes
A stain that then saturated the ground beneath him
A fade swept the field
Before him a pale swaying sea
22/09/14 - slow walks midday
Moment to moment,
cut and dry,

our Bags are soaked
in wet thought.

Each night we empty ourselves,
in fierce depreciation—

in absent bliss.

Diluted bile spills from mouths
flooding Pages
upon Pages
living within
our mind.

Dwell in refuse
caught deep beneath the folds of 
our skin.

Speak with hot breath
that corrodes like bloodmetal
coursing through
our veins.